Even though Halloween is not exactly a Swiss, nor a Polish tradition, there’s nothing bad in a small spooky celebration to avoid getting caught up in the travel routine (especially if it involves dressing up, munching on a pumpkin cake and sipping fancy beverages). It’s also a good opportunity to unleash some creativity and get away from all the temple-hopping. And it’s already our second Halloween abroad!

Last year we were approaching the end of our unplanned 8 months long stay in Las Palmas, where the spirit of this holiday is, well, quite alive, but you don’t really see it much on the streets, since most of the people celebrate Día de Muertos. While it might have been quite discouraging for some, we didn’t let it stop us: we had all the resources and materials, and we had a plan – one that was mostly about making costumes regardless of whether anyone will see us in them. Within a couple of hours, we managed to fully decorate our temporary home, paint our clothes and faces, become local celebrities (meaning: some Russian tourists snapped pictures of us, but hey, it’s something!) and make it to our favorite bar. A couple of hours later, after getting lost on the beach and probably ruining some romantic moments there, we drunkenly wandered back home and watched a horror movie – so, in the end, nearly all the must-do’s got ticked off.


Las Palmas Halloween


This year, however, the circumstances were different: we were surrounded by a completely different culture, and it was doubtful that strolling through the streets in creepy outfits would feel comfortable. But we decided to have our own Halloween anyway. A very boring but satisfying one: with tons of pizza, appropriately themed baked goods, fake spiders (that somehow remained forgotten in my backpack for almost a year), local beer and horror movies.
Even though the food defeated us completely (we can’t look at a pizza for another year, probably), we still had our fun – and that’s what celebrating small occasions should be about.


Terrifyingly huge pizzaTerrifyingly huge pizza

Spooky cakesSpooky cakes

More spooky cakes!More spooky cakes!

Beer Lao with a spooky touchFancy version of the local Beerlao

Pre-halloween donuts (still in Vietnam)Pre-Halloween donuts (from Vietnam)


Happy (belated) Halloween!

halloween decoration

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