Budapest is often advertised as one of the most beautiful capitals of Europe, so faced with a possibility of a spontaneous and extremely cheap drive to Hungary, we didn’t even give it a second thought. Knowing nearly nothing about the country, we were pretty optimistic and looking forward to wander among the city’s amazing monuments… turns out – our first impression was “slightly” different than our expectations.

Cautiously, we stepped onto the dirty, gloomy streets, right after hearing the taxi driver’s warning – telling us never to stroll through our neighbourhood, because it’s dangerous and full of thieves. That wasn’t exactly the vibe we were imagining before and seeing how it looked so far, we were pretty bummed.
Luckily, we blamed our bad mood on the long journey and decided to give it a chance without being too biased, and soon our impression changed a lot. While yes, some of the neighbourhoods in Budapest have a pretty depressing feeling to them, as soon as you step out to the main districts the city transforms right in front of your eyes. It’s absolutely beautiful and, even for the people like us who are not easily impressed by buildings and monuments, definitely worth spending a couple of days there. Why? Because it really is impressive! Just take a look at some of the photos taken on our day out in the city:

great-market-hallBefore getting to the other side of the city, we would always pass by the Great Market Hall and through the Liberty Bridge, where you can not only stop for the views, but also… hang your hammock out and soak in the sun. 


Fisherman’s Bastion, one of the most fairy-tale-like sights in Budapest. Definitely worth a visit!


fishermans-bastion_restaurantIn the same spot, you can also enjoy a cup of coffee with a view over the Danube river.




Only a couple of meters further, you’ll find the Matthias Church, one of the most stunning buildings that we’ve had the chance to see on our Eurotrip so far.
Be sure to look up!

Inside the Buda Castle complex – a tour of the city’s most significant castles, buildings and monuments wouldn’t be complete without this one.

crow…and you might not be the only one enjoying the view!

fountain_parkFinally, if you find the city a bit overwhelming and loud, you can always hop on to the Margaret Island, which is more like a huge city park where you’ll find people strolling, running, biking and even practicing acro-yoga on the green fields.

Needless to say – we loved Budapest’s old buildings, palaces and monuments, and the initial bad vibe disappeared completely. Also, to our surprise, as we walked back after sunset, the city became much more atmospheric and friendly than in the light of the day. People started spilling out from the brightly and colorfully decorated bars and cafes, with the music and chatter coming out of every corner. Turns out – Budapest is definitely a city to fall in love with, you just need to know when and where to be! Also, it’s much less dangerous than expected – you just have to keep your wits and, like in every other big capital, watch out for your most precious belongings.




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