Salzburg – so far away from Vienna, so much smaller… and still, so similar to Austria’s famous capital. While it certainly won’t have as many sights as some bigger cities, it’s still a perfect destination for a day or two – especially if you’re looking for a stop on your way from Austria to Germany or Slovenia. While there, you can also visit one of the biggest animal sanctuaries in Austria or, if you’re a classical music fan, see some of the museums dedicated to Mozart’s life and work.

Even with little time to spare, some of the town’s landmarks can be seen in one day, regardless of whether you’re based closed to them or have to walk 30-40 minutes to the city center. Since our goal was to spend as much time as possible in the animal sanctuary, we haven’t had the chance to see the ones located further, but should we visit Salzburg again (and we definitely wouldn’t mind doing that), we’ll get there as well!

If you’re looking for some suggestions on what to do within the city walls – here are our favorite places in the city (all within a walkable distance from pretty much any hostel / hotel / guesthouse, so you can easily book something cheaper further from the city center):

Schloss Mirabell – The city’s most recognizable palace surrounded by charming gardens, built in the beginning of the XVII century. Decorated with mythological creatures, this little park and a museum make for a short but nice stroll, especially if the weather is a bit too hot.  Take a walk yourself and see if you can spot… a Pegasus.




Petersfriedhof and catacombs – While usually a cemetery doesn’t exactly scream “tourist attraction”, this one is definitely a landmark worth visiting. You can pay your respects to the dead or choose to stroll around for a little while and admire the craft of the local gardners and tombstone makers – some of which seem to have had quite a sense of humour.
If you’re up for a little climb, you can also visit the catacombs for a small fee and admire the view from one of the windows overlooking the city’s panorama.




Residenzplatz and the Old Town – surrounded by a web of narrow, atmospheric alleys, this is probably one of the most famous spots in the city. Take a stroll in the historic center of Salzburg, occassionally stopping for a treat or coffee in one of the small, local cafes or go shopping in some of the charming souvenir stores and galleries popping up on every corner.




If you want to see what’s on both sides of the river, such a walk can surely take up your whole afternoon. There’s lots of monuments, views, churches, old buildings and fountains in the area – all you need to do is slow down and look around you. While there, you can also visit one of the most known Mozart-related exhibitions or choose something more quirky… like the Barbie Museum. There’s something for everyone.




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