We already wrote about the benefits of going on a day trip with a hostel guide, so it probably shouldn’t be a surprise that we already headed out for the next one two days later. This time it got challenging, and we ended up taking out cactus thorns out of our soles and rope-climbing up the steep hills.

The hike through Barranco de Azuaje is not for the ones in bad shape. It’s not really difficult, but involves lots of moments that will scare anyone with a fear of heights, and almost every fall will end on a cactus or in a mountain creek. Still, it’s a great adventure for anyone who has a moderate experience in hiking and wants to explore the wild side of Gran Canaria.

Barranco de Azuaje // The Clueless Abroad Barranco de Azuaje // The Clueless Abroad

A short guide to the Barranco de Azuaje Day Trip

  • How?

Again, we went with our favorite guide from the Big Fish Hostel. Considering that the trip included free transport around the whole island, going into some less known locations and having a well-informed pilot, it was really inexpensive (about 30 euros for the whole day) and we didn’t have to worry about anything. Another hostel that offers similar, low-cost excursions is HiTide, and you can easily book something by simply visiting them and asking about their schedule for the week. It’s a great way to save some money, connect with people and have an exciting adventure.


Barranco de Azuaje // The Clueless Abroad


  • When?

Preferably on a clear day, even though it’s not an absolute must. Still, if it’s too cloudy, you’re going to miss some nice views. Also, beware of the rain – on the way through the canyon you have to cross a couple of small to medium-sized creeks, and it might get really tricky if they’re full of water. Luckily, the count of people who fell into a river during our trip was 1, and it somehow wasn’t one of us (which, frankly, is a bit of a miracle).


Barranco de Azuaje // The Clueless Abroad


  • Where?

Our day included not only the Barranco de Azuaje hike, but also visiting Arucas, where the most famous Canarian rum is produced, a quick walk around the town of Firgas, delicious dinner in one of the fish restaurants in Agaete and a windy stop at the Punta Sardina lighthouse.


Barranco de Azuaje // The Clueless Abroad


  • What?

Remember to wear long trousers (we, obviously, didn’t). That will save you a lot of trouble when going through the cacti, that can also go through your sole if you happen to have too soft shoes (guess who went through that). Considering that, taking some hiking shoes will be a pretty good idea, but it’s also possible (and a bit painful) to go in normal sport shoes. As always – remember to take sunscreen, water and some snacks, as there are no shops on the way. You might fall into the water, so don’t put your valuables in your pockets and maybe take a small towel with you. Also, taking a small antiseptic and some band aids is not a bad idea, especially if you happen to fall on one of the cactuses.


As you can see, it’s a more difficult trail than the Roque Nublo hike, but it’s still nothing big and if we managed to do it in our shorts and poor shoes (and ended up really happy with the experience), you can surely do it as well. There are also two options of this hike – one can even take 10 hours, while the shorter is only about 4 hours. The choice is up to you.


Barranco de Azuaje // The Clueless Abroad

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