At first, Europa-Park seems like the last place for us – it’s touristic as hell, full of people (not our favorite thing), crowded with kids (our least favorite thing) and probably not the best idea if you have a fear of heights or motion sickness.

But we loved it.

How? This place is just pure, genuine fun. Seriously, if we could, we’d go house-sitting (roller-coaster sitting?) there. If you don’t count the queuing time (in our case mostly 5-15 minutes – it was a perfect time to visit), everything is as welcoming, convenient and comfortable as possible. Except maybe for the rides, which are more on the terrifying-uncomfortable side… but that’s where the fun happens, right? There are maps, signposts and info-points, so it’s pretty difficult to get lost. If you get tired, you can hop on one of the mini-trains between different zones of the park. If you’re hungry, you can eat in one of the many themed restaurants with all kinds of food. Those who like more thrill can go on the high, fast roller-coasters, but there’s also a treat for those who prefer calmer attractions or just  want to stroll around and admire the park’s design – from fairy-tale castles, Rapunzel’s tower and Arthur’s magical world, to the mountain chalets of Switzerland. It’s really not an exaggeration to say that there’s something for all tastes.



fairy tale

The attractions:

Now, let’s move on to the most exciting part… the big roller-coasters:

  • Silver Star

73m high, max. speed 130 km/h: don’t go there if you’re scared of heights. Or go, like I did, and then whine about how you missed the best of the ride because you had to keep your eyes closed. Next time, Silver Star, next time..!

  • Blue Fire

38m high, max. speed 100 km/h: now, that’s a proper roller-coaster – with looping, turning and all kinds of crazy stuff. If you want to feel like you’re falling to your death (who doesn’t..?), that’s the ride. Gets better with each time though.

  • Wodan

40m high, max. speed 100 km/h: shaky, high, loud as hell and built entirely out of wood. This one will definitely leave you with wobbly legs, but the ride is well worth it. One of our favorites!

  • Eurosat

Enclosed in a huge silver dome, this inside roller-coaster is supposed to take you into the world of space flights… if space flights had a ton of lasers, blinking lights and tacky techno music. Fast and pretty crazy, especially after the long way up in complete darkness.

  • Euro-Mir

Another wild space-themed ride, with rotating cars and lots of fast drops. Not for the faint-hearted.

blue fire


For those a little less adventurous (but still looking for a thrill), there are also:

  • Atlantica SuperSplash

The name says it all – expect a big splash and lots of water. Unfortunately (or lucky for those without raincoats), there’s only one drop – pretty spectacular, but nothing over-the-top.

  • Poseidon

A bit of a combination of Atlantica and a regular roller-coaster, so you got the thrill of both in one. Not that scary, but enough to make you scream!

  • Tirol Wildwasserbahn

Quite exciting for a water ride, with several drops and enclosed, nicely designed fragments of the track. Great as a family attraction, but not for those with small children!

  • Pegasus

One of the roller-coasters that also supports the virtual reality rides – and they’re amazing! Really well-made and synced with the track, the 4D movies add A LOT to the experience.

  • Alpenexpress

Same as Pegasus, also with a virtual reality option – just much shorter.

  • Matterhorn Blitz

One of the most popular attractions in the park – thrilling, but not as terrifying as the big roller-coasters, with a varied, interesting design. Perfect for both kids and adults, a good introduction before moving on to the wildest rides.

  • Swiss Bob Run

Not that fast (only 50 km/h), yet entertaining ride, based on the Swiss bobsleigh runs in the Alps. Not as picturesque as the originals, but still fun.





Aaand the winner of the most boring attraction title is:

  • Scary House

We get it – it’s mostly meant for kids. But some of the kids here were even completely unfazed and unmoved on the crazy Blue Fire ride, while we were screaming our lungs out… so maybe it’s time for some changes? The artistic side, as always, is great, but something is missing.


Of course, that’s not the end – but most of the attractions that we skipped are either for small children, or are less thrilling that the bigger rides. With only 2 days in the park (yes, this might not even be enough), we decided to leave some of the places for later. We’ll be back!




How to get there?

Europa-Park is located in a small German town called Rust, close to the Swiss border. It’s accessible by train, bus and car, but you can also fly there, as there are a couple of airports nearby. You can find the detailed directions on the Europa-Park official website.

scandinavia 2

Where to stay?

We chose to stay in one of the Europa-Park hotels – Colosseo. While the prices for one night in a double room in most of the hotels inside the park (there’s currently 5 of them) start at around €100 (per person), they’re definitely worth the price. The facilities are great, the staff is very helpful and the included breakfast buffet has all you need, even if you’re a vegan or a vegetarian. And, most of all, you’re never outside of the fairytale-like atmosphere of the park, as all the hotels are themed – from the rooms’ design to the staff’s outfits. If you’re up for an out of this world adventure, you can spend a bit more and enjoy this unusual setting.

If you’re on a tight budget, the hotels around the park are also very nice and convenient and cost about €100-200 for a double room with a private bedroom and breakfast, depending on the standard and their proximity to the park.




children (4-11 years old), senior visitors (60+) – €38.50 / 1 day, €72.50 / 2 days
adults – €44.50 / 1 day, €84.00 / 2 days

parking – free of charge for hotel guests, €5.00 for visitors




tower view

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8 thoughts on “The roller-coaster adventure: 2 days in Europa-Park, Germany

  1. I loved you article! I have visited Europapark many times and I am still going with the same excitement every time! It’s not only the high quality of accommodation, rides, restaurants, but also the attention to detail, the very nice staff, the amazing shows! You have to try it also during Halloween (Horror Nights are the best: although as a visitor you know it’s just a type of show, it’s very realistic, scary and lots of fun!)

    1. Thanks for your kind words and the recommendation! If we’re around Germany in October, we’ll definitely try that! :) And yes, their attention to detail is stunning. :)

  2. Got tickets from a friend as a present. Planning to be there soon! Looks interesting :) Thanks for the info!

    P.S. : I have heard that they even have open air movies/soccer match screenings :D

    1. You’re going to have fun for sure! :)
      We have no idea about the shows, because we were too occupied by roller-coasters. :D But it would be great if there’s an outdoor cinema!

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