Have you ever looked at all these colorful, happy Instagram pictures of travel bloggers? Did you ever think “whoa, I wish all my photos looked like that”..?

The truth is – behind every stunning picture, there’s always a ton of outtakes and the… not-so-glamorous reality. Before an idyllic, happy photo was taken, someone might have accidentally punched someone in the face, someone might have sneezed right onto the camera and some fishy fella might have decided that he also wants to be in the center of attention.

We’ve teamed up with Nomad’er How Far and got some great bloggers out there to show you just these photos – the outtakes that never made it onto Instagram or our Facebook pages. Because no travel blogger is perfect, and we have more of these than we’d like to admit.


“We took this photo whilst on Whitehaven beach, hoping to get a cool photo of Hannah amongst the fish…
The fish had other ideas though!” – Nomad’er How Far


“I’m probably supposed to choose the most attractive picture for Instagram BUT how often are we blessed with super long alien fingers?!” – Moving Out of Mum and Dad’s



“Am I sneezing? Am I coughing? Whatever I’m doing, it ruined one of the only photos I have of me on top of that volcano.” – Lessons Learned Abroad



“I was aiming for a nice smiley selfie with a beautiful night view of Petronas Twin Towers in Kuala Lumpur but something got wrong … (probably my diet) and I ended up with a double chin selfie and no smile LOL! The view was captured beautifully, though.” – Agness of eTramping.



“So here’s one from Hoi An, Nick and I were trying to take a nice selfie and he sneezed as soon as I clicked the button making him look ridiculous and making me pull a silly face as his sneeze made me jump! Too funny!” – Vegan in Brighton



“We were aiming for a nice travel photo with a view – unfortunately, someone got accidentally punched in the face. Travel posing is a serious business.” – The Clueless Abroad

Once again – big thanks to Nomad’er How Far for this idea and to Moving Out of Mum and Dad’s, Lessons Learned Abroad, Agness from eTramping and Vegan in Brighton for sharing these hilarious photos with the world! Be sure to check their pages out too!

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4 thoughts on “Worst travel photo fails – a collab post!

  1. That was really a great idea for a collaborative post, guys! Some pictures really made me laugh! LOOOOOL! Thanks for having us here and I will definitely be more careful when taking a selfie next time.

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