About us

Who are we?

We’re Manu and Kasia, a Swiss-Polish couple that started traveling together at the beginning of 2014.
Before we met each other in a small hostel on a Canarian island, we learned different things, tried a couple of completely unrelated jobs (none of which fully appealed to us) and we didn’t know where we were going. Right now, well, we still have no clue – but at least we’re not alone in it. And we have a plan. Sort of.


About us // The Clueless Abroad

…any travel experience?

In the last two years of travelling we’ve bathed in hidden waterfalls, dived with manta rays, barracudas and morays in Thailand, biked the famous, winding roads of Vietnam, survived a 20 hours long bus drive from hell in Laos, hiked through the untouched jungle, got dirty in the Polish mines, swam along the deserted beaches in Halong Bay, kayaked through pitch-dark caves, battled fear of heights in the treetops of Switzerland, explored the ancient ruins of Angkors Wat, saved the world in the escape rooms all around Europe, faced the speed of Germany’s best rollercoasters, been to way too many temples and airports and got bitten by an ungodly amount of tropical mosquitoes (and one dog).
We’ve always tried to go off the beaten path… and got lost a lot.


With time and experiences, as we talked to more and more people on the road, we also slowly changed our lifestyle. Responsible travel turned from an abstract concept to something that we’re currently trying to live by, and while we’ve made a ton of mistakes on the way and we’re bound to make even more of them in the future, the idea is worth striving for. Because of that, you won’t see elephant riding or tiger petting in here – but you can expect articles about sanctuaries  or animals in the wild in their place. And, as you probably figured out by now – the ethical change also affected our diet and daily life, so there might be some vegan tips and restaurant recommendations in the nearest future.


…and what are your (vague) plans for now?

In the early 2016, we’d finished our 6-months long European-Asian tour. It started with a couple of weeks in Poland, exploring the Tatra mountains and visiting Kasia’s friends and family, afterwards moving on to a short visit to Prague – filling ourselves with the famous Czech beer – and, later on, heading out to Southeast Asia. There, we’ve traveled through Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia and Thailand.

Now, our plans have slightly changed. Initially, we wanted to go back to Thailand – but due to financial and organizational reasons, we decided to stay in Europe and take 6 months to explore the neighbouring countries.

The itinerary is as follows:
Poland, Hungary, Austria, Slovenia, Croatia, Greece, Germany (Christmas markets!), ??

Currently, we’re briefly visiting our family in Switzerland and we have absolutely no idea where to continue our trip in January.
As you can see – we’re not that good at planning ahead, but hey, nothing wrong with spontaneous travel!